Monday, August 14, 2017

An Altitude Adjustment . . .

Finally had some good weather & a day off so I got up early Sunday morning & went to a nearby baseball park. Been flying this park for a while even though it's kind of a tight take off area surrounded by trees & light poles. Light winds, wet grass & whispy clouds..gave way to a nice forward launch & a twenty minute flight until the wind picked up & got a little bumpy. My machine is a Miniplane 80 & the glider is a custom color Macpara Charger..easy inflation & wing tip steering, this thing just wants to me.    

Friday, March 10, 2017

Chasing the Sun . . .

After a cold, wet winter in the city, it was time to catch some sun & ride the desert wind for this first trip of 2017. I made a couple of nice paramotor flights, visited John at The Field Lab and relocated my firepit & gazebo into the new area cleared by my dozer guy. Eventually this spot will be for a large stone cabin..since I have an abundant supply of natural building blocks all around me. For now, it'll just be one of my wide open relaxation spaces.
Creek Hawk
Beer braised stuffed steak on rocket stove.

Desert Zen
Horizons in the mist.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Lord of the Butterflies . . .

Perfect fall weather for another week of desert paramotor flyin', explorin' & relaxin'. This is a 'no pumpkin spice' zone though. It was a little warm for October but calm morning winds. Made a couple of flights Monday morning at the Riversands tract in Agua Fria & then had steaks & beer with John at the field lab. Tuesday I met up with my dozer guy Jack from porter excavation  to survey a spot at the cabin tract, Neptune valley. I need an area cleared for a future building. Wednesday morning I went back to the Riversands to fly & John had invited three fellow Terlingua friends who wanted to watch me fly. I was able to soar the face of Agua Fria mountain & gaze on the rising sun. With the recent rains, blooms were everywhere, among hordes of butterflies, my favorite bugs...tarantulas are my second favorite.
Agua Fria Mt.
Bob, John, James & Joe

The force is strong with this horizon.