Monday, August 14, 2017

An Altitude Adjustment . . .

Finally had some good weather & a day off so I got up early Sunday morning & went to a nearby baseball park. Been flying this park for a while even though it's kind of a tight take off area surrounded by trees & light poles. Light winds, wet grass & whispy clouds..gave way to a nice forward launch & a twenty minute flight until the wind picked up & got a little bumpy. My machine is a Miniplane 80 & the glider is a custom color Macpara Charger..easy inflation & wing tip steering, this thing just wants to me.    

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Ghosting . . .

In April I had a major life event. During maintenance on my Air conception paramotor in my garage, I broke the usual safety routine & ghosted some fingers on my right hand. My son who was home visiting, applied a tourniquet, got me to a nearby fire station & I was in surgery within a couple hours. Once I got past the shock of what happened, a voice inside said I would fly again, ride again & this would not decide my destiny. After six weeks of healing, I met with the team at Advanced Arm Dynamics for options & decided to try for a mechanical device with metal fingers first, since the insurance co. usually denies the bionic devices. While waiting for the insurance to go thru, I started making my own finger devices, each with it's own purpose, which is actually fun to create.  77 days after the incident, I flew my Miniplane 80 at the park, the next day I rode the motorcycle to work & there was a major accomplishment at work the same week. Since there are so many changes going on, it was time to re-work these blog posts from just desert trips.. to all activities of redemption whenever they happen.  
July 2nd, 1st flight since injury with "Stealth" glove.
"The Spartacus":silicone from,everything else from scratch.
"Stealth Mode": poseable wooden fingers to fly & ride.
"The Gargoyle": wood & copper steampunk
Custom throttle assist & brake extension for the bike.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Chasing the Sun . . .

After a cold, wet winter in the city, it was time to catch some sun & ride the desert wind for this first trip of 2017. I made a couple of nice paramotor flights, visited John at The Field Lab and relocated my firepit & gazebo into the new area cleared by my dozer guy. Eventually this spot will be for a large stone cabin..since I have an abundant supply of natural building blocks all around me. For now, it'll just be one of my wide open relaxation spaces.
Creek Hawk
Beer braised stuffed steak on rocket stove.

Desert Zen
Horizons in the mist.