Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Leap of Fate...

Another amazing trip with an awesome PPG flight. Then hung out with a friend at the new tract..The Riversands playground, by The Field Lab, took some nature photos back at Neptune valley and burned up a lot of firewood when the sun went down. Years ago I was just looking for a place to camp out. When I decided on Terlingua ranch and saw this place, the goal was to fly this alien landscape in some was only a matter of time, almost like it was fate but I don't believe in that. The last trip, I played it safe and flew close to the take off spot. This time I did a fly-by of the mountains just south of The Riversands tract. Winds were too turbulent to get close this time. However, next time..gotta take it up a notch with a mountain fly-over..if the winds cooperate. A freezing winter wind storm blew in and cut my stay a day short, I'll just have to make it up next time.  

Moon and mountains

A little perspective
Caught in flight

Another horizon set ablaze

Friday, September 12, 2014

When stars align...

There are times in life when things fall into place. This trip was one of them. After months of preparation, I met up with off grid blogger and PPG enthusiast John Wells of who created an airfield in front of his place. John has made some flights and is looking to get back in the air. After catching some sky time, I took a tour of his place and met longhorns Ben & Bud. When I wasn't flying, the rest of the trip was spent at Neptune valley, capturing photos of creepy creatures, wicked horizons and reflections by campfire. Special thanks to my Dad, who helped build a cabin for shelter from the elements, Andy McAvin for teaching me to fly like a bird and John Wells for his inspiration and that awesome airfield. Next trip is in November..for whatever adventure awaits.
Sunrise in the mist

9 point mesa in the distance

Giant millipede
Night predator.. Mr. mantis
The stuff of nightmares
 Desert toad

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nature of the Beast . . .

 Decided to make a last minute trip before the triple digits set in, until early fall. Focused most of my time exploring areas around Neptune valley,photographing wildlife, experimenting with astrophotography of the night sky and some quality campfire time. 

coyote crossing the flat.

Orion over ocotillo

Find your Horizon.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

In A Different Light...

After three years of visits to Neptune valley,it was time for some upgrades. No more showers from a black plastic bag heated by the sun, it will now be from a tankless hot water unit powered by propane and solar. It was also time for a new firepit ..being out here makes you feel like eating rustic cooking. Every trip I make out here, there is something new to discover. Far away and unplugged from the world, this place gives the feel of an alien planet. Time seems to stand still. Most of the big building projects are done for now, I hope to devote more effort to photographing the wildlife that inhabit this place. Awaken by the howls of coyotes almost every morning, they still elude me when I run out to catch a glimpse. There is evidence all over my property of various animals..predator and prey. The next goal is to set up some feeders and a wildlife rainwater's easier to sit and wait than to trek all over and scare away what you're searching for. A majority of these pictures were from a new wide angle camera lens. Next to get will be a telephoto lens for long range shots.
The awakening

Icarus ridge overlook


Harvesting the sun...
...To make it rain.

I leave you with this Fire on the Horizon.