Thursday, February 20, 2014

In A Different Light...

After three years of visits to Neptune valley,it was time for some upgrades. No more showers from a black plastic bag heated by the sun, it will now be from a tankless hot water unit powered by propane and solar. It was also time for a new firepit ..being out here makes you feel like eating rustic cooking. Every trip I make out here, there is something new to discover. Far away and unplugged from the world, this place gives the feel of an alien planet. Time seems to stand still. Most of the big building projects are done for now, I hope to devote more effort to photographing the wildlife that inhabit this place. Awaken by the howls of coyotes almost every morning, they still elude me when I run out to catch a glimpse. There is evidence all over my property of various animals..predator and prey. The next goal is to set up some feeders and a wildlife rainwater's easier to sit and wait than to trek all over and scare away what you're searching for. A majority of these pictures were from a new wide angle camera lens. Next to get will be a telephoto lens for long range shots.
The awakening

Icarus ridge overlook


Harvesting the sun...
...To make it rain.

I leave you with this Fire on the Horizon.