Friday, September 12, 2014

When stars align...

There are times in life when things fall into place. This trip was one of them. After months of preparation, I met up with off grid blogger and PPG enthusiast John Wells of who created an airfield in front of his place. John has made some flights and is looking to get back in the air. After catching some sky time, I took a tour of his place and met longhorns Ben & Bud. When I wasn't flying, the rest of the trip was spent at Neptune valley, capturing photos of creepy creatures, wicked horizons and reflections by campfire. Special thanks to my Dad, who helped build a cabin for shelter from the elements, Andy McAvin for teaching me to fly like a bird and John Wells for his inspiration and that awesome airfield. Next trip is in November..for whatever adventure awaits.
Sunrise in the mist

9 point mesa in the distance

Giant millipede
Night predator.. Mr. mantis
The stuff of nightmares
 Desert toad