Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Leap of Fate...

Another amazing trip with an awesome PPG flight. Then hung out with a friend at the new tract..The Riversands playground, by The Field Lab, took some nature photos back at Neptune valley and burned up a lot of firewood when the sun went down. Years ago I was just looking for a place to camp out. When I decided on Terlingua ranch and saw this place, the goal was to fly this alien landscape in some was only a matter of time, almost like it was fate but I don't believe in that. The last trip, I played it safe and flew close to the take off spot. This time I did a fly-by of the mountains just south of The Riversands tract. Winds were too turbulent to get close this time. However, next time..gotta take it up a notch with a mountain fly-over..if the winds cooperate. A freezing winter wind storm blew in and cut my stay a day short, I'll just have to make it up next time.  

Moon and mountains

A little perspective
Caught in flight

Another horizon set ablaze