Friday, December 11, 2015

The Mesa's Edge . . .

With calm morning winds, I took off from my new tract & flew the west face of 9 point mesa, with the new Air Conception titanium 130cc paramotor. It was truly another dream flight out here. The second day I headed over to the Agua Fria side & flew low thru Agua Fria creek. Back at Neptune valley, got to see the usual..beautiful sunsets, a million campfire stars, javelina's & finally saw some mule deer on a ridge bordering my tract. Winter time also means the campfire gets lit earlier in the evening..but the fire inside never goes out.       

Black hill & 9 pt. mesa

Neptune valley morning

Agua Fria creek


Friday, September 18, 2015

On the Wild Side . . .

Some wild flights & lots of wildlife on this epic trip. I was able to fly over Packsaddle mountain, just across from Panther mountain, I flew in April. Trying to explore something new every time. These trips are not about a vacation, it's to realign the mind & feed the soul.  
Waking up giants

Swimmin' hole?

Another horizon symphony

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Earth's Canvas . . .

Some defining moments happened in this 'off the chart' crazy spring adventure. With virtually zero winds blowing, I finally soared over Panther mountain in the early morning glow. Then spotting some deep dry creeks, I was able to do some low canyon carving like only birds can fathom. On top of that, everything was in bloom and in hi-def colors..a circus of the senses. Then on the last evening, nature put on an encore show as a lightning storm danced in the distance.           

Desert raven
Canyon carving
Caught in flight
Top of Panther Mt.

Horizon fire at dusk

Friday, February 27, 2015

Reborn Among Thorns...

A desert birthday celebration to remember. Untamed nature, surrounded by mountain views, miles of solace..throw in a couple of paramotor flights, steaks and beer with a buddy, top it off with cigars by fire side under the have one great birthday trip. Small fireworks may be involved, you'll have to watch the video..coming soon. To elaborate, I visited John at The Field Lab, we cooked some T-bones & cranked up his paramotor to shake the cob webs. He caught some nice pics of my flights. Explored some more of my new tract, The Riversands. Two more flights in the books, winter winds and cold temps kept me from going over the mountain again..but I don't give up. Back at Neptune valley, I brought out another wrought iron gazebo for the firepit. This is where the rest, relaxation and reflection happens..warmed by a flame, under a billion stars as a fire burns inside, for the next chapter.    
Painted Morning Sky

Untraveled Road of The Riversands

The Winter Soldier

Packsaddle Mountain

Layers of the Past