Friday, February 27, 2015

Reborn Among Thorns...

A desert birthday celebration to remember. Untamed nature, surrounded by mountain views, miles of solace..throw in a couple of paramotor flights, steaks and beer with a buddy, top it off with cigars by fire side under the have one great birthday trip. Small fireworks may be involved, you'll have to watch the video..coming soon. To elaborate, I visited John at The Field Lab, we cooked some T-bones & cranked up his paramotor to shake the cob webs. He caught some nice pics of my flights. Explored some more of my new tract, The Riversands. Two more flights in the books, winter winds and cold temps kept me from going over the mountain again..but I don't give up. Back at Neptune valley, I brought out another wrought iron gazebo for the firepit. This is where the rest, relaxation and reflection happens..warmed by a flame, under a billion stars as a fire burns inside, for the next chapter.    
Painted Morning Sky

Untraveled Road of The Riversands

The Winter Soldier

Packsaddle Mountain

Layers of the Past