Friday, October 21, 2016

Lord of the Butterflies . . .

Perfect fall weather for another week of desert paramotor flyin', explorin' & relaxin'. This is a 'no pumpkin spice' zone though. It was a little warm for October but calm morning winds. Made a couple of flights Monday morning at the Riversands tract in Agua Fria & then had steaks & beer with John at the field lab. Tuesday I met up with my dozer guy Jack from porter excavation  to survey a spot at the cabin tract, Neptune valley. I need an area cleared for a future building. Wednesday morning I went back to the Riversands to fly & John had invited three fellow Terlingua friends who wanted to watch me fly. I was able to soar the face of Agua Fria mountain & gaze on the rising sun. With the recent rains, blooms were everywhere, among hordes of butterflies, my favorite bugs...tarantulas are my second favorite.
Agua Fria Mt.
Bob, John, James & Joe

The force is strong with this horizon.