Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Ghosting . . .

In April I had a major life event. During maintenance on my Air conception paramotor in my garage, I broke the usual safety routine & ghosted some fingers on my right hand. My son who was home visiting, applied a tourniquet, got me to a nearby fire station & I was in surgery within a couple hours. Once I got past the shock of what happened, a voice inside said I would fly again, ride again & this would not decide my destiny. After six weeks of healing, I met with the team at Advanced Arm Dynamics for options & decided to try for a mechanical device with metal fingers first, since the insurance co. usually denies the bionic devices. While waiting for the insurance to go thru, I started making my own finger devices, each with it's own purpose, which is actually fun to create.  77 days after the incident, I flew my Miniplane 80 at the park, the next day I rode the motorcycle to work & there was a major accomplishment at work the same week. Since there are so many changes going on, it was time to re-work these blog posts from just desert trips.. to all activities of redemption whenever they happen.  
July 2nd, 1st flight since injury with "Stealth" glove.
"The Spartacus":silicone from,everything else from scratch.
"Stealth Mode": poseable wooden fingers to fly & ride.
"The Gargoyle": wood & copper steampunk
Custom throttle assist & brake extension for the bike.